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Short Film: For Katy – Now Free to View!

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"For Katy" is now free to view thanks to PKULife.tv's sponsor, PKU Perspectives! Katy is seven years old and has Phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare genetic disease in which the body cannot metabolize protein properly. M...

Short Film: My PKU Life

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My name is Kevin Alexander, I'm a professional videographer, and I have PKU, also known as Phenylketonuria. This is my story.

Video: PKULife.tv Announcement

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PKU Advocate Kevin Alexander announces plans for future content on PKULife.tv.

Video: How to Maintain a Good Relationship with your PKU Clinic

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Dietitian Kea Crivelly from Tulane University Medical Center shares some tips for getting the most out of your relationship with your PKU clinic. In the video I mention the article "Newborn Screening 50 Years Later". ...

Video: Update on the Home PHE Monitor

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Dr. Tom Franklin, Chair of the NPKUA Scientific Advisory Board, gives an update on the latest research into the development of a Home PHE Monitor. This interview was recorded on location at the 2014 National PKU Allia...

Video: PKU and the Brain

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Dr. Shawn Christ discusses his latest research on PKU and gray matter in the brain.

An Open Letter to the Department of Health and Human Services

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A few months ago I posted this open letter to the Department of Health and Human Services. At the time, we were lobbying to get metabolic formula and low protein foods included as an essential benefit as part of t...

Video: 2014 National PKU Alliance Conference Overview

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A brief look at the 2014 National PKU Alliance Conference. Stay tuned to PKULife.tv for more in-depth interviews about the following topics: - An Update on Research Development for the Home PHE Monitor - The Latest ...

Video: Raising Children with PKU

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Video: PKULifeTV Trip to Australia 2014

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In October 2014 I traveled across the world to Australia to attend some PKU events. Here's a quick recap of my trip, and some insight into the PKU experience in Australia.

Video: PKU and Insurance

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Video: Interview with #PKUChat Host Lillian Rodriguez

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Lillian Rodriguez is an actress in New York City. She also has PKU. Recently she began hosting a Twitter chat called #PKUChat. We spoke about #PKUChat and how people can participate. For more information, check out he...

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